During the year 1988 Al Kobaisi Readymix established a well equipped Quality Control Department to ensure that products are according to specified standards to meet customers requirement and satisfaction. Quality control department is manned by well qualified engineer who is supported by qualified technicians and assistants.

All the physical and chemical analysis tests are carried out daily in accordance with the international BS and ASTM standards. Our qualified technical team ensures that all the raw material used in the production are sourced from right supplier to meet required quality in raw material. Quality control is exercised by monitoring the quality raw materials, finished products and the production process.

All the test results are recorded in the prescribed forms and preserved in the department.


To ensure proper control over the acceptance of raw materials for the production, certain Quality System Procedure is being followed through in process inspection and test methods.

1) CEMENT : Cement is tested at Ministry of Works Laboratory and through independent laboratories. Supplier Test Certificates also being received on weekly basis.

2) AGGREGATE: Visual check and moisture check is done at our own Laboratory on daily basis. Physical test is done twice in a week. Flakiness and Elongation index test is conducted once in 3 months at independent Laboratories. For soundness and crushing value tests are conducted at once in 6 months. Tests are conducted to determine sulphate and Chloride contents in the aggregate. Sieve analysis is also done on aggregate.

3) SAND: Visual check and moisture check is done at our own Laboratory on daily basis. Chemical Analysis and physical tests are done twice in a week.

4) WATER: Chemical Analysis test is done on daily basis. Tests are conducted to determine sulphate and Chloride contents in the water. Test to determine Ph value of water is conducted.

5) ADMIXTURE : Supplier Certificates are collected once in 3 months and Admixture is tested at independent laboratories once in 3 months.

Al Kobaisi Block Factory Division is fully supported by sister concern namely Al Kobaisi Sand & Aggregate Washing Plant by supplying quality sand and aggregate. Sand is undergoing double washing process and aggregate is washed and screened at Al Kobaisi Sand & Aggregate Plant.

Al Kobaisi Block Factory Division has its own Mechanical Workshop with modern amenities and manned by well technically qualified mechanics and technicians. This workshop maintains all the company’s Vehicles and Cranes in good working condition and specialized team is formed to attend to any type of breakdowns.


Concrete Batching Plants and Laboratory Equipments such as Cube Crushing Compressive Machine, Weighing Scales, Material Drying Oven, Analytical Balance, PH Meter, TDS Meter, Muffle Furnace are being CALIBRATED every year through outside sources.

Our company management policy is fully focused on Quality product, services and customer satisfaction. Therefore all the Quality Assurance Procedures are being followed strictly which are in accordance with ISO and Ministry guidelines.